Summer 2020 Art Camps During The Covid-19 Pandemic

An art camp may be exactly what you or your child needs after months of lockdown. It is an excellent opportunity to learn how to play with shapes and colors, experience new things, develop new skills, and socialize in a safe environment. 

In our Encinitas-based studio, we offer Painting and Sculpting Camps in San Diego’s North County area for children, teens, or adults.

We gladly announce our clients that recently we moved to a larger studio within the same Rancho Santa Fe Plaza where we were previously located. The new Suite number is E-90 on the East Side of the Plaza.

 Because of the COVID-19 pandemic our camps, this year might be a bit different:

  • The most important thing for us is our clients’ and our staff’s health and safety.
  • We limit the class size to 12 students.
  • All attendees will be able to keep 6-feet of distance in all directions at each station.

During the Martin Fine Art Summer camps, we will teach the participants the elementary drawing and painting skills. We are specialized in teaching the basics to those who want to learn to draw, sculpt, or paint. Drawing, developing, and creating a sculpture or a painting are known as techniques that have been used for hundreds of years. We present and teach these techniques in a way that anyone can understand and learn them.

Martin Fine Art Summer Camps Safety Protocol

Our staff, students, and visitors must wear masks. We follow a strict protocol, respecting CDC recommendations upon entering and exiting the studio. We recommend our students to bring disinfectant wipes in their art kit. All equipment will be cleaned and sanitized following the class to prepare for the next class. Students can wash their hands in the studio at the sink. We coordinate all classes in the safest manner.

Our new safety protocol also includes:

  • Temperature checks and hand sanitizing upon entrance to the studio
  • Instructors will also wear masks and maintain a 6-feet distance using laser pointers to instruct
  • We have a schedule for increased cleaning and disinfection
  • We ensure safe and proper storage and use of cleaners and disinfectants
  • Our staff will also ensure adequate ventilation when using cleaning products and disinfectants
  • We discourage sharing objects difficult to clean and disinfect

At Martin Fine Art Classes, we believe that anyone can develop the ability to draw, paint, and sculpt. We love to work with talented students to help them raise their ability levels, so that they can create inspired artworks. Martin Fine Art Classes offers Painting and Sculpting Camps for children, teens and adults.

We welcome students from the following communities:

Creating art is an amazing process, as Pablo Picasso stated: “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Let’s explore together the magnificent world of colors and shapes this summer.