The Benefits of Creating Art With Your Children

Many of us happen to get drifted away by the everyday pressure and stress that we sometimes forget (or simply are too tired) to spend quality time with our children.

To raise one kid means a lot of emotional work and responsibility, especially when we want to do our best as parents and prepare our children with all the skills they need to become independent, empathetic, and capable grown-ups.

Not to mention how challenging a bigger family can be, with more than one kid to care for.

We deeply love our little ones, but let’s admit it, sometimes we feel like if we had more leisure time with our family, we could do a better job supporting our children to flourish.

Art can lend us a helping hand in becoming better parents for our kids’ sake, and it can open the door to strengthen our bonds within the family.

Why creative activities with your children are so important

Kids can be pretty vulnerable, and they depend a lot on their caretakers for their feeling of safety and their needs.

They are still learning about their sensations and feelings; they only begin to discover the world around them, the interactions with others and objects, and most importantly, how to express their needs and moods.

Being there for your child and playing together can mean a lot to them and to the healthy relationship you are trying to build. And besides, making art can always be a great opportunity to encourage the other partner and parent to engage with the children and enjoy communicating through shapes and colors with the whole family.

Encouraging your children to experiment with various artistic mediums, and engaging in that activity as well, has some significant benefits:

  • It prepares your children for social situations
  • It allows you to discover your kids’ likes and dislikes
  • Reinforces bonding with your children
  • It encourages collaboration and teamwork skills
  • Allows your kid to express themselves in a safe place
  • Builds trust and better communication

Allow your children to flourish

Making art with your children is beneficial for the overall parent-kid relationship, but it is important to mention a few aspects.

It’s essential to be mindful of your children and make sure they have enough space to explore.

We all know how the parent who spends more time caring for the children can have a hard time relaxing and become overprotective (and maybe perfectionist about their kid).

That can be too much for our little ones, especially when they discover something new and want to go all out with it.

For example, painting with your kid will not be too fun for them if they are constantly reminded not to make a mess around, and they will indeed feel you tense.

Take art as an opportunity to relax as well and explore together with your child. You can get to know yourself by creating fun art pieces and let your kid develop their sense of agency by working in an environment that is safe and allows freedom.

Art Camp for you and your child

Our art camps would be a safe and encouraging environment where you can spend time with your children making art.

Scheduled during Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring breaks, Martin Fine Art Classes’ Camps are a great way to detach from worries related to school or work and discover your creative side.

We see kids and teens at our camps and classes developing their skills fast; they learn from the very basics how to draw, paint or sculpt and their dynamic and curious nature inspires their parents as well.

As a parent, you can learn along with your kid while supporting their learning process. If you or your child are a little nervous about participating in our art camps, let us give you some reasons to rest assure:

  • Our art camp is for everyone - if you have little skills when it comes to making art, we can teach you everything step by step
  • We provide one-on-one instruction - your growth will not be neglected by our patient and devoted instructors
  • We respect a safety protocol - temperature checks, cleaning, and disinfection, wearing masks, keeping a safe distance - we do our best to keep you and your children safe