Martin Fine Art Classes

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Painting & Drawing Art Classes

  • Line Drawing
  • Advanced Drawing
  • Acrylic Painting
  • Charcoal Drawings
  • Oil Painting
  • Watercolor
  • Technique & Style

Kids & Teens Art Summer Camps

  • Beginning Drawing
  • Advanced Drawing
  • Wet Media-Painting


  • Line Drawing
  • Value Drawing
  • Concentration on Values
  • Learning to See

Why Choose Martin Fine Art Classes?

What is unique about Martin Fine Art Classes is that we will take anybody and teach them the essential skills necessary to be able to draw and paint. Through practice, any student improves. However, the initial knowledge of being able to realize how to go about doing a drawing and painting is essential. Also, students need to be able to see in a certain way.

What makes us different is that we are giving students one on one instruction in the essential areas, as opposed to coming in and starting off wherever they may be and just receiving tips on how to make their drawing and painting better.

We work on the fundamentals that are necessary for our students to be able to develop into a very good artist.

We start primarily with drawing and we teach people to see in a different way as opposed to looking at outlines and copying. We continually cycle through our students' abilities in drawing and painting. Once they've painted for some time, we'll go back to drawing more. Our students are building their ability to see things in a different way and to technically use the materials to produce the results they want.

Who Can Take Our Classes?

We teach all age groups, starting from as young as 4 to 90-year-old. The fundamentals are the same for everybody.

We show the 4-year-olds how to see shapes, how to compare shapes, how to develop, build a drawing and not copy it.

We guide the older children, teens, and adults in the same approach. They learn how to sketch, how to look at things in terms of height and width. After that, we teach them various strategies for correcting the drawings.

At Martin Fine Art Classes We:

  • teach the fundamentals that allow students to develop into very fine artists
  • develop the skills of looking at things and drawing in terms of proportions
  • instruct students how to render things with three-dimensions by shading
  • expand to the fundamentals of oil painting
  • show students how to use the brushes, how to clean the materials, how to mix the paint, how to mix colors
  • teach how to use color in a way that paintings will look realistic
  • continue on more difficult subject matters