At Martin Fine Art Classes, we focus on teaching various art techniques to kids/teens/adults while still encouraging creativity.

We teach beginner, intermediate, to advanced classes.

The instruction in our classes is personalized, we work with small groups to offer one-on-one instructions for each of our students.

Our staff members are not only instructors; they are practicing artists who love to make drawing and painting available to everyone.

Line Drawing

  • You will learn to confidently sketch and refine line drawing for proportion and accuracy
  • You will learn the basic fundamentals of being able to get a sketch of the subject matter on paper
  • Build the drawing from this sketch, using strategies and tools to ensure that proportions and relationships are correct
  • Through line drawing, you will develop a new way to "see like an artist" the subject matter

Understanding Value in Creating Three Dimensions

  • You will learn to create mass and dimension through the addition of shading and values
  • Using charcoal on paper, you will learn the secret to creating a strong three-dimensional foundation that gives life and dimension to any work regardless of medium
  • You will learn how to use white and black charcoal to add value and highlights to your drawing
  • We explain and illustrate how to have a balance of lights, darks, and medium values

Oil & Acrylic Painting

  • Initially, the students will paint two to three monochromatic paintings
  • After they completed these, they will learn color mixing and color theory
  • Students will produce a variety of oil paintings including the duplication of recognized works of art by the old masters
  • Students will learn a variety of techniques and styles while painting in oil


  • Following oil painting, students will work in watercolor applying their prior knowledge to this new medium
  • They will do this by completing a variety of watercolor paintings including landscape, seascape, animals, and still life
  • Students will familiarize themselves with materials, washes (flat, graduated, within and around an object)
  • Students will familiarize themselves with painting edges

Advanced Drawing, other Mediums, and Genres

  • Students draw advanced subject matter from plaster casts in order to strengthen drawing and values
  • Students explore the use of other art mediums such as advanced pastel, graphic pens, colored pencils
  • Students explore illustration and other types of two-dimensional art styles
  • Students learn and assimilate various art techniques used by prominent artists

Duplicating the Masters

  • Duplicating the greatest artists' paintings is one of the most effective ways to learn their techniques
  • Painting duplication leads to the development of the artistic skills
  • By duplicating your favorite painter's work, you can learn his methods
  • By duplicating a great artist's work, you can learn to think like him and see through his eyes