“I love coming here because you learn so much and the employees are super friendly, I'm always having fun, and I get to practice all sorts of different techniques.”


“Danielle has been coming to Martin Fine Art Classes for several years now and she learned a lot. For example, she learned to start from the basics and not go straight for detail.”

Danielle's Mom

“What I like the most is making the proportion correct and copying the actual piece that I am drawing and measuring it, so I get it accurate. It's very fun.”


“I'm painting a portrait that I came up with, I like to do portraits with a twist. When I first came here I learned how to see the shape as a whole thing and learn to build it. ”


“I really like coming here and getting to really focus on painting. I learned a lot about shading and mixing colors and negative space. I like to paint animals.”


“It's kind of fun to just paint and I learn a lot here. You get to look at the proportions and how things relate to each other and it makes it a lot easier when you're drawing.”


“I just started four months ago. I used to like to sketch at home but I didn't really have any rules to do so and I didn't know what I was doing, so I wanted to learn more.”


“I love Mr. Martin, he is a really valuable resource, especially for this community aware of art. I'm coming once a week and my paintings have improved a lot!”


“I've been coming here for about a month now. I really enjoy drawing and painting and I think it's fun. I learned how to draw and I am starting painting currently.”


“I've been studying art under Albert for probably about five or six months. I found him because I wanted to learn to draw. I'm really thrilled that I learned so fast the steps!”


“Everyone is nice here and I love painting and just doing everything I do here. I've learned how to mix colors, use oil paints, pastels, blending, and shadows.”


“I've been coming to Martin Fine Art Classes for a little over a year now. I'm really excited about it, I've always wanted to learn to paint. I'm just having a great time.”


“My daughter really enjoys coming here. Mr. Martin really helped her in how to look at the world. Her drawings improved in proportion since she started attending these classes.”

Rose's Mom

“My favorite thing about art classes is probably when Mr. Martin comes to help me and points out things that I wouldn't normally see if I were painting by myself.”


“I think it is a good opportunity to be artistic, just get my ideas out. I really like being able to paint with a lot of color because it just makes me feel good.”


“I started here with Albert, probably about four months ago, as a beginner. I'm having loads of fun. Albert and Ashley are wonderful at teaching and getting the message through.”


“I can learn all kinds of new things for a painting and sketch better. I can really use all my skills and make all kinds of paintings and have fun doing it. I love this place!”


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