Covid 19

Martin Fine Art Classes Covid-19 Updates

We are continuing in person classes following the California Department of Public Health guidelines for school and school based programs. We will continue with our usual schedule. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.

We are in a larger studio within the same Rancho Santa Fe Plaza located on the East Side of the Plaza between Postal Annex and Firenze Restaurant.

Class size is limited to 12 students that number maintains 6 feet of distance in all directions at each station. Our requirements are:
- All attendees must wear masks and visitors must wait outside.
- Temperature checks and hand sanitizing upon entrance to the studio.
- All students and visitors must wear masks.
- Instructors have masks and maintain a six-foot distance using a laser pointer to instruct.
- If demonstration is required, the student and instructor will switch places.
- Each student needs disinfectant wipes in their art kit for their own personal clean up.
- All equipment is sanitized following the class in preparation for the next class.
- There is a regular sink in the studio where students can wash hands.