Drawing and Painting: Mental Benefits in Children

I would like to highlight art's powerful role in children's development and mental well-being in this blog post.

Many of us are already aware that life can be difficult sometimes, and we want to equip kids with the necessary tools to cope with stressful situations.

Moreover, we want them to acquire the basic skills to live with their heads up, being both self-confident and empathetic.

If your kids lack self-confidence, the skills to adequately express themselves, or they just have a lot of fun doing creative activities, then you are welcome to keep reading and check out how drawing and painting support children's mental health and growth.

Drawing promotes self-esteem

Artistic endeavors like drawing, painting, even scribbling will play an essential role in your kid's confidence in what they feel capable of doing or not.

You might have noticed how children show off their drawings to you in the hope of finding validation.

Creating little drawings for you to stick on the fridge makes them feel like they are doing something really important, which can bring them satisfaction and confidence depending on your reaction (or lack of reaction) as well.

Please encourage your children's artistic behavior to support and build their confidence and fearless exploration of what makes them happy.

Language and expression development

Just like most of us feel in adulthood, kids need to be heard. And for that, they must learn how to recognize their own feelings and sensations and put that into words.

Drawing and painting also work as practice for kids when it comes to self-expression. Artistic activities allow children to talk about what they see, what they plan on painting, what colors and shapes are used, and what they are trying to convey to others through their artwork.

You can notice their vocabulary expanding while being there for them and asking about their art subject.

Art enhances concentration and memory

When they do something they are passionate about, children and adults get all immersed in their activity, and that it's the case with painting and drawing as well.

Entering a state of flow and concentration when creating art is like training your brain to stay focused.

Imagine the brain as if it worked like a muscle; the more you teach it to do something, the better it gets at that.

Making art will create new links between the neurons in your kid's brain.

In other words, your children will develop a good memory, the ability to cope with stressful events, and most likely, higher performance in school.

Art benefits the construction of self

Besides the confidence boots making art can provide, your children will learn many more things that positively affect their sense of self and personality.

For example, drawing and painting will teach kids:

  • perseverance - your kid will learn not to give up on their art piece and see art-making as a process
  • patience - when working with different art mediums, like watercolor, we sometimes need to learn how to hold back and patiently wait for colors to dry
  • emotional intelligence - the process of making art has its ups and downs; children can learn from this emotional rollercoaster how to control what they experience and how to understand other people's emotions
  • introspection - kids need some alone time too, some space to reflect; after all, they deal with stressful situations as well
  • making decisions - a sense of independence in making decisions can stream from working on your art projects

Keep your children inspired and motivated with our fine art classes

At Martin Fine Art Classes, we always encourage kids and even adults to have the courage to learn new skills.

We believe anyone can learn how to paint and draw from the very basics, and with our guidance, anyone motivated to learn how to make art can improve really fast.

We also want our students to have fun and stay healthy (physically and mentally) during the learning process, so we encourage parents to support their children with hobbies and passions and not put too much pressure when it comes to results and achievements.

The improvements in our students' artistic skills are always noticed in a safe and supportive space.

If your children enjoy drawing and painting or are eager to learn these skills from scratch, they can always try a free introductory lesson with us.