We Offer Young Masters Programs for Kids of All Ages

If your child shows a keen interest in art, more specifically in drawing and painting, signing them up for our Young Masters Program will undoubtedly be a huge surprise and a reason for excitement.

Over the course of it, our teachers will help your child work at their own pace, according to their ability level, by giving custom instructions focusing on their unique abilities and interests.

The Young Masters Program aligns with the California State Standards for Visual Arts, so you can rest assured your child will benefit from superior art education.

It is very important to know that children of any age can participate in our art masters program, as our talented and experienced teachers can offer individualized art courses. This way, your child is bound to learn everything there is to know about the process of artmaking for their age. We always make sure that each student receives a personalized approach to learning drawing and painting skills while building perseverance, as well as pride, satisfaction, and confidence in their work. Depending on dexterity, your child's work will focus on still life, landscape, animals, or duplicating famous works of art.

Our unique approach to teaching artmaking is very suitable for children

Unlike other approaches art classes use, our atelier one is the most effective in teaching children how to develop their artistic skills and how to gain new ones. Our numerous years of experience in passing on art skills to children is proof of this.

During our classes, art concepts are broken down in easy to understand terms, which helps young students focus on mastering a skill before moving on to another.

With every art class, each skill and concept build upon the other, as they are taught in a sequence.

For this reason, students will not feel overwhelmed and frustrated by having to deal with too much information, and they will not want to give up because they believe they are not talented. Once a student learns the basics, the struggle is usually replaced by confidence and enjoyment.

The sequential development of creativity empowers young students to progress at their own pace through their own art learning journey and progress. Art development applies the same school philosophy of committing to developing the abilities of each child through specialist tutoring and applying a learning process using the building blocks of artmaking.

During our Young Masters Program, our art teachers, who are passionate about making drawing and painting available to everyone, will strive to:

  • teach your child the fundamental skills and concepts that will allow them to create fine art
  • develop the skills of looking at things and drawing them considering proportions
  • instruct your child on how to render things with three dimensions by using shading
  • expand to the main concepts of oil painting, which takes the artistic process up a notch
  • teach your child how to clean the brushes, how to mix the paint, and how to mix colors
  • show your child how to use color so that their painting will look realistic

Martin Fine Art Classes offers your child a unique, individualized art program

Our Young Masters Program is specially designed for children who are art enthusiasts and would enjoy the opportunity to learn how to draw and paint from talented, professional teachers. Your child will be in a small group so that their work will be closely monitored by their assigned teacher. This way, we will make sure they learn and develop every skill and concept necessary to create fine art.

Our program for children starts with drawing basics and gradually moves on to oil painting, which is significantly more challenging to control and use. Therefore, if your child is stoked by the idea of participating in our Young Masters Program, why not give them the chance to make their dream come true?

Artmaking has numerous benefits in addition to being a great hobby, as it will help your child relax, think outside the box, and perceive the world around them in a different way. Who knows, maybe they will become exceptionally good at making art and will also be able to transform their hobby into a flourishing, successful business! For more details about our Young Masters Program, do not hesitate to call us at 760.944.7913.