2021 Art Camps for Kids and Teens

If you are considering booking a summer camp for your kids, you may be wondering what is the right option for them. During the summer vacation, we all want our kids to play, have fun, socialize, make friends, but also have new experiences and learn new things. If your kids love to draw, paint or sculpt, an art summer camp may be the right choice for them. Summer Camps at Martin Fine Art Classes offer a safe and inspiring environment where under the guidance of experienced instructors, kids can learn new techniques, develop new skills, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Our drawing, painting, or sculpting Summer Camps are very popular and are booked very fast. Each week there will be three sessions with engaging art projects to stimulate creativity and self-expression in a non-competitive ambiance. Projects and themes include drawing, watercolor painting, oil painting, and sculpting. During these sessions, we present and teach important fine art principles and techniques. We offer age-appropriate lessons and one-on-one instructions for all of our students.

In our Encinitas-based spacious studio, we organize art camps:

  • Led by creative teaching artists with a vast experience
  • Designed to stimulate creative self-expression
  • Created for 2 individual age groups - kids and teens
  • For 12 students groups
  • Respect the safety protocols to keep our students safe

We present and teach various drawing, painting, sculpting techniques in a way that any student can understand and learn them. Our art camps are practical, enjoyable, and carefully structured, with challenging and engaging art projects.

Reasons to Book Our Art Camps for Teens

Nowadays teens are spending too much time in front of a screen - TV, computer, or smartphone. Our art camps provide quality time away from all those devices and a healthy real-world environment where teens can learn, create and socially interact with others. Another benefit of our summer camp is that it takes teens out of their comfort zone, helps them engage in new activities and explore their existing interests in fine arts. Completing their art projects with success, our young students leave our art camps with improved self-esteem. Fine art camps stimulate teens' mental and creative abilities in fun ways they can really enjoy.
Are you and your kid excited to experience our art summer camps?
We are convinced that with proper guidance and instructions all our students will develop the ability to draw, paint, or sculpt. During our camps, we offer personalized instructions to our talented students to help them raise their ability levels so that they can create beautiful artworks.

Martin Fine Art Classes welcomes students in Art Camps from the following cities: