Benefits of Sculpting Camps for Teens

Studies show that sculpting improves not only the students‘ art skills but also their performances in non-art areas as well. Involvement in making art help children and teens develop physical, cognitive, and social skills.

The benefits of sculpting camps go way beyond improved skills, these camps can play an important role in promoting overall well-being.

During art camps, sculpting camps, in this case, teens can develop creative, „out of the box“ thinking that will help them in any area of their lives.

Reasons to Book a Sculpting Camp for Your Teenage Kid

Sculpting allows teens to understand and process their experiences and express their feelings in a playful and creative way. Our sculpting camps are the source of art education at the highest standards for all of our young students. We have a great program that will teach your teen kid the basics of sculpting. We start with the basic elements and as their skill level improves we’ll move on to more advanced techniques. We offer personalized instructions focusing on aspects that our young students need to improve. In our sculpting camps, we also ensure the highest level of safety possible, providing a warm, inspiring environment for our students. Our new studio with natural light, fresh air, and clean space provides a safe space for our young students.

Sculpting has long-term benefits, including:

  • Self-expression and creativity
  • Strengthens the tendons and muscles
  • Improves manual dexterity
  • Learning to evaluate shapes
  • Designing and constructing shapes
  • Resilience and cooperation
  • Calms the hyperactive mind
  • Improves both left and right brain functions
  • Help in expressing difficult feelings
  • Better focus and concentration

At Martin Fine Art Classes sculpting camps, we ensure the following to prevent coronavirus transmission risks:

  • Hand sanitizers
  • Physical distancing in all areas of our studio
  • Wearing face masks in all spaces
  • Increased time for cleaning and disinfecting materials
  • Increased time of cleaning and disinfecting our studio
  • Safe and efficient distribution of projects and materials

Art Camps for Teens in San Diego County

Our art camps for kids & teens are created to guide our youngest students into the world of drawing, painting, and sculpting. During these 3-days camps, we illustrate and explain a variety of sculpting techniques for all skill levels.

Martin Fine Art Classes welcomes students in Kids & Teens Summer Camps from the following communities: