Art Program for Teens

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Students entering Martin Fine Art Classes are placed on a program based on their prior experience with drawing and painting as well as on their personal goals. The program emphasizes mastery of foundational and advanced skills. Students are also assisted in the completion of school assignments and in developing a portfolio for college submission.

From the descriptions below, parents and students can get an idea of what the program entails. The actual number of weeks for any student to complete the program may vary. For the beginner with little or no experience in drawing, the program will include the steps listed beneath.

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Learning to See

  • Fundamental line drawing. Learning to sketch and see relationships in size, placement, and shape in order to correct the drawing
  • Applying light and dark values to drawings to create the illusion of three dimensions.
  • Use of soft pastels to add color to the line and value drawings.
  • Students will work primarily with still life, landscape, and animals.
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Concentration on Values

  • Working primarily from still life, students will learn and master the key principles for creating three dimensions on a two-dimensional surface.
  • Building on prior knowledge developed during the first six weeks, students will work with vine charcoal on charcoal paper to apply the key concepts of three general values and to develop the entire range of values in a drawing.
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Beginning oil painting

  • Students learn to handle oil paint and brushes.
  • Become familiar with and learn to care for materials.
  • Apply skills gained in drawing and values courses to oil painting.
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Oil painting in color

  • Students are taught to master the absolute essential skills needed to mix and apply any color while maintaining value and form.
  • Students paint a wide array of subject matter applying all the previously learned skills.
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Duplicating the Masters in oil painting

  • Students learn a variety of painting styles and techniques by duplicating paintings from each of the major art movements: Classical, Neo-classical, Impressionist.
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Advanced Drawing, other mediums and genres

  • Students draw advanced subject matter from plaster casts in order to strengthen drawing and values.
  • Students explore the use of other art mediums such as advanced pastel, watercolor, graphic pens, colored pencil.
  • Students explore illustration and other types of two-dimensional art styles.
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