Leslie E. - Assistant Instructor

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"The difference with this studio and other studios is that this is the real deal. Mr. Martin's approach is the old master's technique."

Leslie E. - Assistant Instructor

Leslie is an assistant instructor at Martin Fine Art Classes. She earned her BA in Psychology and an MSW in Social Work and has worked with children, teens and adults in diverse capacities over the years.

Her patience and constructive guidance are seen in her work with students.

She was also employed in the fashion industry for many years where her skills included design and manufacturing, merchandising, sales and marketing. This experience is reflected in her own paintings which are vibrant in color and evoke an emotional response from the viewer.

Art has always had a special place in Leslie's heart. At a young age, she was introduced to drawing and watercolor at the art museum in her hometown. Later on, she took courses in ceramics, silkscreening, batik, macrame, drawing and painting.

Leslie enjoys painting in oil and acrylics at her home studio when she is not teaching. To her, creating art is "one of challenge, acceptance and beauty".