Figure Drawing Class in Encinitas

Figure drawing, sometimes called life drawing by some artists is the process involving the planning, sketching, drawing and shading of the human figure, which is one of the oldest and most prominent techniques used by visual artists to improve their skills. From ancient times, humans had a fascination with their own body figure which is why over the course of centuries various artists have refined and reinvented the best ways to do it and we are here to teach them all to you. The course is made for everyone: kids, teenagers, and adults as well as all levels of skills, starting with the basics and ending with more advanced guides, covering a vast array of techniques.
Here are a few of the things that you will learn in this course:

  • Using shapes to outline the main components of the body such as using an oval to make up the shape of the head.
  • For drawings from the back or side view selecting the best starting point like the shoulders line.
  • Improving your gesture, the rhythm, motion, flow, and posture of the pose. Finding the right landmarks depending on the pose and knowing which one to pick as a starting point.
  • The technique of mannequinization, allowing you to, later on, create poses from your imagination by knowing the right proportions and placement.
  • Learning the right proportions and measuring techniques according to Dr. Paul Richer’s system of measuring.
  • Learning the best shading techniques using highlights, halftones, and core shadows to make your figures feel and look 3D.
  • Practicing patience and attention to detail, so drawing will always be a relaxing experience going forward.

Drawing Classes for Kids, Teens, and Adults

At Martin Fine Art Classes we believe that anyone can become a great artist through practice and perseverance which is why our staff is dedicated to teaching you all the things you want to learn and supporting you all the way through your artistic endeavor. Over the years many students have learned the art of drawing and painting with us, many of which turned their practice here into a career later on, so if you would like to become one of them sign up for our courses in Encinitas, California. If you are not located in the area, please contact us, we also offer virtual classes, so anyone can take advantage of our professionals and become the best artist they can be.