Spray Painting/Graffiti Art Camp

Age 13+ | $275   

Coming soon 2023

Learn the Basics of Spray Painting and Graffiti Art

At Martin Fine Art Classes in our art camp, we focus on teaching the basics of spray painting and graffiti art. At the end of the camp, our students will be able to work on an entire wood panel by themselves, creating their own artwork. In our camp, our young artists will:

  • learn the basics of graffiti art
  • acquire new spray painting techniques
  • gain experience in self-expression
  • enhance their creativity and spontaneity
  • improve their artistic skills
  • develop a unique skill set

Spray Painting and Graffiti Art Camp at Martin Fine Art Classes

The spray painting and graffiti camp is for kids to learn about the art of spray painting safely. The camp will be held outside, and the students will paint on wood panels that have been painted white.

1. On the first day, they will start inside and learn safety, can control, speed, and basic lettering with markers.

2. On the second day and on, they will be outside with spray paint, and they will learn to blend, larger letters, stylizing, and more intricate characters (“piecing”).

3. On the third day, they will learn how to do characters. They won’t be able to take home anything besides the things they do in marker. It won’t be possible for them to take home the wood panels. The art of graffiti is ephemeral, you can’t take it home, and there is no guarantee it will be up forever.