Best Drawing Projects for Kids

At Martin Fine Art we create our drawing projects for kids to encourage spontaneity, creative thinking, and imagination. All of our drawing projects focus primarily on learning and on the creative process.

Drawing is easy to start for kids, it can be done anywhere, at any time. There’s no need for a big space or a specific setup to draw, it’s enough to have paper and pencils.

These projects not only help the kids to exercise and explore the techniques and methods learned in our school but also enhances their creativity.

Our drawing projects help kids to:

  • Express themselves in a creative way
  • Learn to draw in a playful, enjoyable way
  • Experiment with various techniques
  • Develop fine motor skills

Observational Drawing

We have several art projects to help our students to learn the basics of observational drawing. Observational drawing is a great method to develop various skills. When kids look at something intending to draw it, they will look more attentively than usual. We teach them to observe and focus on the shapes, shadows, colors, contours, patterns. We encourage them to see and observe how all the details interact and create the entire picture.

For our observational drawing projects for kids, we ask them to draw:

  • flowers
  • pets
  • still life
  • landscape
  • objects
  • human body

Translating 3D to 2D Drawing Projects

Kids love translating 3D objects to 2D on paper. In our classes or camps created for our youngest students, we teach kids how to get shapes and proportions right, how to show depth with shading, and how to show texture and detail. It does not matter what we use; an object, a fruit, a flower - this project is always fun, enhances creativity and develops technical skills.

Nature Drawing Projects

This is a simple way for kids to connect with nature. Nature was always a great inspiration for artists, it will have the same effect on kids. We are teaching our youngest students to look for beauty and inspiration around them. By our nature drawing projects we encourage kids to spend more time outdoors in nature, which is good for their health and overall well-being.

Holiday Themed Drawing Projects

Kids love holidays. Who does not love them, anyway? They love to create Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter or Halloween themed drawings. They also like to draw something nice for Mothers’ Day or Fathers’ Day.