Young Masters Art Classes for Kids

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The goal of the MFAC Young Masters Program is to teach children ages 6 and above the mechanical and observational skills necessary to create high-quality representational fine art. Martin Fine Art Classes emphasizes mastery of foundational and advanced skills.

It is also a goal of the program that, through creating representational fine art, students will enrich their lives and the lives of those around them while developing an appreciation for aesthetics and the beauty of the natural world. Finally, while attending Martin Fine Art Classes, we want your child to be engaged, interested, and having fun! 

Line Drawing

Students ages 5-7 will begin in Level I and ages 8-12 will begin in Level II. 

  • Students will first learn to draw anything with confidence. This initial stage is the learning to "see like an artist" stage.
  • They will learn to sketch while simultaneously observing the subject matter.
  • Children will see how they can improve their work and correct the size, placement, and proportion of initial sketches through the use of learned concepts and perceptual tools. Also, they will learn to develop a final drawing.

Value Drawings in Charcoal

Working primarily from still life, Level II students will learn the key principles for creating three dimensions on a two-dimensional surface.

  • We grow up taking for granted the visual techniques that are used to achieve the illusion of making a two-dimensional image appear three-dimensional.
  • Building on prior knowledge developed during line drawing, students will work with vine charcoal on charcoal paper to apply the key concepts in developing the entire range of value in a drawing to create the illusion of three dimensions.

Oil Painting

Students will apply knowledge and skills gained in Level II drawing and value drawing or acrylic and watercolor to the use of oil paints.

  • Initially, students will paint two to three monochromatic paintings after which they will learn color mixing and color theory.
  • Students will produce a variety of oil paintings including the duplication of recognized works of art by the old masters and impressionists.
  • Students will learn a variety of techniques and styles while painting in oil.


Following oil painting, students will work in watercolor applying their prior knowledge to this new medium.  Our young students love painting with watercolors. The watercolor techniques we teach are easy to learn for kids of all ages.

They will do this by completing a variety of watercolor paintings including landscape, seascape, animals, and still life. Students will progress through the following:

  • Familiarization with materials
  • Washes (flat, graduated, within and around an object)
  • Edges

Martin Fine Art Classes Young Masters Program for Kids of All Ages

Children in any program work at their own pace, according to their own ability level, through individualized instruction that focuses on each students' unique abilities and interests. Therefore, each student receives a personalized approach to learning drawing and painting skills, while building perseverance, the capacity to focus, and pride, satisfaction, and confidence in their work.

Depending on dexterity, students will work with still-life, landscape, animals, and will duplicate recognized works of art.

The Martin Fine Art Classes Young Masters Program aligns with the California State Standards for Visual Arts.

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