Art Projects for Your Kids

Unlocking the artistic vision in your kids is often the result of fun games with a visual art purpose behind them, which is why having different ideas for art projects is important, so below we’ve compiled a list of the top 14 art projects that you can do with your kids at home with a minimum amount of resources.

At Martin Fine Art Classes, we use various art projects to teach our youngest students to see and compare shapes, learn how to sketch, how to look at things in terms of height and width. The following art projects help the kids to develop various skills, enhance their creativity and creative thinking - in a playful, enjoyable manner.

#1 Raised Salt Painting

Grab some salt, some glue and your favorite watercolor paint or food dye, then glue the place where you want the salt to stick and then paint over it. This can be done on a large canvas or a small piece of paper and it’s an easy way with minimum requirements to get some artwork done together with your kids.

#2 Oil Pastel Painting

Get some oil pastels and start painting at your leisure, then using a cotton swab spread that paint to create lighter shades in your drawing. This is an easy painting method that has been around for a long time, inspiring entire generations of kids to take up painting classes.

#3 The Back-and-Forth Drawing Game

Get a canvass and pass it between the kids, each kid adding more elements to the drawing as it goes through. This is a fun game to play when you have multiple kids or when in school, making sure the entire class gets to participate in something that encourages connection and collaboration between kids.

#4 Marble Painting

Get some marbles and dip them into a can or cup of paint, then grab a container, preferably a kitchen tray and put the canvas at the bottom. Afterward drop the paint-dipped marbles into the tray, moving them around to create colorful lines. This can be done with any other small items on which paint would stick.

#5 Scribbles Into Abstract Art

Let the kids be kids and draw whatever they want on a canvas, then using alcohol rub down whatever they drew and turn the painting into a colorful mess that can result in some beautiful artwork. This can be done using cotton swabs or a piece of tissue.

#6 Paper Flowers

Using paper plates cut the outlines of as many flowers as you want to make up your 3D flower, then paint them using watercolor. After they’ve dried up bend them and staple them together to resemble a flower. They can also be painted after assembling the flower, but it would create a mess unless you have an enclosed space around the flower for the paint to drip in.

#7 Salad Spinner Art

Grab a salad spinner and fill it with different splashes of paint, then put some rocks inside it and spin, this will create multicolored effects on the rocks as the different colors hit the rock. The same technique can be used with some other objects.

#8 Pattern Art

Draw a single large object like a heart, a house or the outlines of your kid’s favorite toy, then divide that outline into different smaller sections and have your kid fill each one of them with a different pattern. It could be anything: hearts, spades, waves, lines, flowers, and so on, so let them be creative and you might be surprised with the results.

#9 Sticker Art

Grab a bunch of stickers and stick them on a piece of paper, then use crayons, pencils or paint to complete the drawing. The stickers will provide a nice 3D effects to those objects, while the background will feel like the background and give you the creative freedom to do some amazing things with it.

#10 Doodle Art

Have your kid doodle randomly on a piece of paper, then use each shape created by the doodles as a canvas for something different, it could be different colors, patterns or even mini drawings inside each loop.

#11 The Tree of Imagination

Have your kid draw a tree since it’s a straight line with a bunch of branches attached to it, making it easy for kids to draw, then instead of leaves leave it up to your kid to fill the branches with whatever they want, which will create some unique trees with a variety of objects that your kid might be fond of.

#12 Stick Notes Art

Sticky notes are some of the most widely available office supplies, as a matter of fact you probably have some of them in a drawer somewhere, so it shouldn’t surprise you that they can be used in creating artwork by sticking them together for a larger project or bending them so they can be easily turned into fish or birds with only a couple of folds and give them a few details by drawing in the eyes. They also can be glued to a larger canvas and used in multiple colors to make an entire painting out of sticky notes.

#13 Spider’s Web

Grab a circle-shaped object with an empty core, could be a basket or the roll from duct tape, then run a string from one side to the other, securing it with glue when needed. Afterward using paper fold or cut a spider to be placed on the string, but if you have a spider plush that works even better.

#14 The Huge Canvas Painting

Grab a huge piece of canvas and put it on the floor, securing the edges so the paint wouldn’t spill, then using rope attach a bucket of paint from the ceiling and poke a hole in the bucket from which the paint would come out. Then give the bucket a spin so the paint would drop below in circles. This can be done with multiple buckets of paint in a variety of colors to achieve the desired effect.