Review Martin Fine Art Classes

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"I've been studying art under Albert for probably five or six months. I found him because I wanted to learn to draw. I've had some watercolor classes but knew nothing about drawing. We went from drawing lots of still life and we took it into color wheels, learning how to mix colors. He is such a purist, I have only eight tubes of paint. I'm really thrilled that I am able to accomplish something that I am proud of and he really takes time with it."


"I go to Martin Fine Art Classes because I think it's a good opportunity to be artistic, just get my ideas out. I've been going to classes for about four years. I've learned a lot about expressing my style. I like being able to paint with a lot of colors because it makes me feel good. "


"My favorite thing about art classes is when Mr. Martin comes to help me and points out things I wouldn't normally see if I were painting by myself."


"What I like the most about the classes is making the proportions correct, reproducing the actual piece that I am drawing, and measuring it so I get it accurate. I've learned about drawing, tone and shading, and blending the colors."


"I started here four months ago. The process takes you through just learning how to hold your pencil and starting off with exercises in drawing and finally going through to some still life and using some color. I'm having loads of fun. Albert and Ashley are wonderful at teaching and getting the message through."