Clay Camp for Kids and Teens

Age 6+ | $275   

Coming soon 2023

Learn the Basics of Clay Modelling in a Fun and Educative Camp

At Martin Fine Art Classes clay camp, we encourage our young students to explore countless possibilities in modelling and shaping the clay. Focusing on playfulness and creativity, we keep the atmosphere fun and educative in our clay camp. At the end of the camp, our students will be able to experience the benefits of clay modelling:

  • build and improve their motor skills
  • learn the basics of shaping the clay
  • experience new ways of self-expression
  • strengthen their muscles and tendons
  • improve their manual dexterity
  • enhance their creativity

Clay Camp for Kids at Martin Fine Art Classes

Sculpting is a visual art form that involves the tactile experience, the sense of touch, one of our most intense senses, and the first one we use to learn about the world. Sculpting allows our students to explore countless variations in modeling the clay while improving body-mind coordination.

Important note: The students will use air dry clay which is NOT food safe and never can be. It will dissolve with prolonged contact with any liquid and cannot be sealed to keep out bacteria.

The flower pots will be varnished inside to keep out water but can only be used for plants, not for food. On the first day, our students will learn how to build using coils, slabs, and pinching to make three small flowerpots.

Our young sculptors will make a metal armature on the second day and add clay to it to make a small sculpture. On the last day, we will have a painting day so our young artists will be able to paint all their work with acrylic paint.