Sculpture Camp for Kids & Teens

Sculpting, being a three-dimensional activity, offers a different experience than drawing or painting on a two-dimension flat surface. Through sculpting, our students learn how to create a three-dimensional piece, and that offers a great opportunity for students interested more in tactile than in visual sensations.

Our sculpting camps are designed to foster young artists and teach them creative ways of self-expression. As they develop new skills in our small group camps, they will learn a variety of new techniques. Students will learn to create basic sculptures of animals and other shapes using traditional methods.

Kids and teens love our sculpting camps. We provide a supportive environment, where they can be playful, have fun, and focus their energies creatively. However, the benefits of the sculpting camp go way beyond fun activities. Studies have shown that the act of creation helps kids and teens in various areas of their development.

Sculpting Improves Skills and Self-Confidence

Sculpting improves kids‘ gross and fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, they develop better dexterity, hand-eye coordination, creative imagination, and engage their curiosity. The act of creation helps kids and teens to process their experiences, emotions, and express them in a way that goes beyond words. Sculpting help kids and teens to develop out-of-the-box thinking and the ability to be spontaneous, original and innovative.

While your kids learn the basics of sculpting in small groups, they also improve various social skills. Sculpting camps, art camps in general facilitate communication and bonding between students. Sculpting helps kids and teens tap into their creative side in a way that’s playful and educational. One of the most important lessons to learn during sculpting camps is that creating something from scratch can’t be done overnight. The creation process requires concentration, creativity, open-mindedness, focused and perseverant work. During our camps, students will learn how to bring a piece of inanimate material to life by creating a sculpture using their skills and tools. They will also experience that the result of study, focused work, dedication, and patience is a unique and accomplished piece of art.

During the Martin Fine Art Classes Sculpting Camps we:

  • offer quality training and enjoyable classes
  • help to develop the creative potential of our students
  • teach them how to use and clean sculpting tools
  • teach our students how to design projects and form basic shapes
  • teach our students how to add details and create the illusion of depth

Martin Fine Art Classes Services Communities in North San Diego County Area

In our Sculpting Camps we gladly welcome kids and teens from the following communities: