Renown Local Art School in Encinitas

Not every artist can be a successful art instructor. Although some people believe that any artist can be an excellent teacher, since it has the talent and knows the techniques, it takes much more than that to succeed. Just being able to draw and paint well is not enough when you want to teach others. There are other qualities that an art instructor needs. The primary qualities of a successful art instructor are not only his talent, eyes for color and design, the ability to draw, paint and sculpt.

A good art teacher needs to be creative and passionate to be capable to motivate the students. Other skills that every outstanding teacher has are good communication and patience. It takes time and a lot of hard work to form talented artists. A good art instructor is knowledgeable, the knowledge of the tools, colors, and different techniques and methods is very important.

How can you recognize a great art school? It's quite simple, it has excellent instructors, first-class studio, and successful students. A passion for teaching art is the number one quality for art teachers, this generates positive energy that is contagious to others and motivates them. A great art teacher loves to work with students, kids, teens, and adults. What else you need to be aware of when you are looking for a great art instructor? Good organization skills and creativity are also essential in order to offer professional and effective art classes.

Renowned Art School with Passion and Professionalism

At Martin Fine Art Classes thanks to our experience, we found the best ways to teach our students of various ages, backgrounds, interests, skills, and talents. In our new, spacious studio we created a safe, clean, productive, and enjoyable environment for all of our students. When you book one of our classes or camps, you’ll find out that all of our instructors have the above-mentioned qualities. We know how to work with kids and teens; we love our students; it does not matter if they are 4 or 94 years old.

Thanks to our team’s knowledge, dedication, and 30 years of experience in teaching art, we are a renowned art school in San Diego county. Our students earned awards in various local art shows, including:

  • Best in Class award at the Del Mar Art Show
  • Carlsbad Oceanside Art League Art Show

An art teacher’s best reward is to see his students shine. Our students' artworks are published in magazines and featured in all the local art shows and galleries, including:

  • San Diego Magazine
  • California Art Club
  • San Diego Art Guild
  • San Diego County fair at the Del Mar Fairgrounds
  • Carlsbad Oceanside Art League