Realistic Oil Painting Art Classes

Creating realistic oil paintings may seem difficult, but with proper guidance, everyone can learn it!

How can our students learn to paint realistic oil paintings:

We start with the basics, teach them drawing, painting techniques and the theory behind each technique. During our classes, we teach our students how to use brushes, pencils, oil paints and how to clean their instruments. We consider that it is important to encourage them to develop creative thinking and a personal style. Our students will learn the characteristics of oil paint to master the craft of color mixing.

Essential factors in painting realistic oil paintings are:

  • Precision and accuracy - is important when we draw or paint a portrait, an object, or an animal
  • Contrast -¬†between warm and cool colors, between dark and light, between edges, texture, it is essential in creating a realistic painting.
  • Brightness values - are also important in realistic oil paintings. When we use dark and light values we create depth in a painting, a three-dimensional illusion on a two-dimensional surface.
  • Edges - can be sharp or soft, by changing the edges we make an object look closer or distant, in focus or blurry.
  • Colors - each object is identified by its unique colors and shades, therefore we help our students to master the art of color mixing.

During our oil paint classes, our students will also learn about the different types of transitions: transition in value, in colors, in temperature, in texture, in edges that make the painting more realistic.

Professional Guidance and Quality Materials

Our students can find in our art store all the materials they need to create oil paintings. When the oil paintings are finished, we review what went right, what went wrong, and what can be improved. The primary focus will be on the basics of realistic oil paintings - color, value, composition, edges, brushwork and technique. The secret of becoming an experienced painter is simple. You need to seek the guidance of an experienced instructor, learn, practice, explore, dare to be original, develop your unique style, review and improve. We love to teach our students kids, teens, adults the secrets of creating realistic oil paintings, it is so fulfilling to assist them during the learning process.