How Much Do Our Private Art Lessons Costs?

Now it may be the perfect time to pick up a hobby or polish your existing skills in one of them and become better at what you already know, and if what you’re looking for is drawing or painting courses Martin Fine Art Classes is here to help.

To ensure the highest level of safety possible during those difficult times we offer multiple ways in which you can take our courses, with different price points and periods of time, so that everyone can take advantage of our professional courses to improve their art skills.

It's important to mention that our one on one instruction sessions cost only $100 for 1 hour, while other private art classes in California have prices ranging from $125 to $205 per hour. While high prices don't necessarily mean higher quality art classes, we also like to think about the financial impediments of our students.

Our art classes and camps ranging from $100 to $275, depending on your choice:

  • in-person private art lessons on specific dates chosen by you ($100/one hour)
  • group art classes for low prices respecting all the safety measures ($125/1.5 monthly hours)
  • virtual lessons if you are not in California ($100/one hour, appointment request)
  • packages of multiple lessons structured to cover many different topics and techniques at advantageous prices ($137 - 4 classes included, or $585 for 12 classes)
  • monthly tuition including multiple courses ($224 monthly 1.5-hour class two times per week)
  • one week summer camps for kids ($135/session)
  • Gift certificate valid for 4 classes ($141/1.5 hours)
  • a free introductory  lesson

Art Lessons Offered by an Artist for a Great Price

With years of experience teaching students of all ages and skill levels, we believe we can easily adapt to your needs and teach you the skills you want to know in the most efficient way possible without wasting your time on things that you already know.

This particular reason is why we offer a free introductory lesson, so we can get an idea of where each individual’s skill level is at and customize the following courses for maximum efficiency, so you can spend your time on the things that you want to learn.

If you’ve never picked up drawing or painting before, we have a great program that will teach you the basics and then move on to more advanced techniques as your skill level improves, but if you already have the basics covered, we can adapt and focus on the things that you want to improve at. You can find out more about our free lesson program.

Moving forward we have multiple packages and options available so you can choose the right one for you and start working on your skills immediately. You can check our art class pricing list along with more information about each one of them. If you’re not sure what you need, don’t forget that at Martin Fine Art Classes you can learn to draw and paint from a renowned artist. We offer a free introductory lesson during which our teachers can help you determine the best option for you moving forward depending on your skill level and availability.