Painting Camps for Kids & Teens

It is important for kids‘ and teens‘ development to learn how to express themselves; their feelings and ideas in other ways than verbal communication. Visual art camps help kids to experience and explore new non-verbal ways of self-expression. Encouraging kids and teens in a warm ambiance created through creativity, acceptance, professional guidance, and positive feedback will make them blossom.

Our painting camp creates a supportive ambiance where kids and teens can experience and explore the magical world of shapes and colors. A competition-based lifestyle often forces kids to grow up too fast.

Kids need an emotionally safe environment where they can create, play, explore, and focus their energies creatively. A visual art camp is also a unique opportunity for teens to rest their fingers from cell phones, computer keyboards and discover that their hands are not only for typing and texting. As the addiction to cell phones, tablets, and computer games grows among children and teens, it is important for them to spend quality time away from electronic devices.

The Perks of a Painting Camp for Kids and Teens

During art camps kids and teens playing, learning, creating together, facing challenges, make new friends, and experience that their life is not limited only to home and school. Our belief at Martin Fine Art Classes is that with proper teaching anyone can learn to draw and paint skillfully. In our painting camps, kids and teens learn how to hold a paintbrush, a pencil properly and how to clean their tools. They will also learn painting and drawing techniques. They’ll learn how to paint from a primary color palette, mixing colors and applying shadow in oil or acrylic. We’ll begin with an emphasis on basic drawing skills and on accuracy in drawing using charcoal, graphite, and pastel. Students will use fundamental drawing skills and the drawing process in the first two meetings, which culminate in a live portrait. The third meeting’s project is to draw from a live figure. In our painting camps, each day is filled with joy and engaging projects.

Martin Fine Art Classes Services all Nearby Communities in North San Diego County Area

In our Painting Camps we gladly welcome kids and teens from the following communities: