How Much Do Our Monthly Art Classes Cost?

Taking art courses is something that many of us think about, but never actually start doing mainly because of the costs associated with them which can sometimes stack up to thousands of dollars, as a matter of fact, the average price for a single art class is around $100, but we here at Martin Fine Art Classes believe anyone should have options to take art classes according to their needs and possibilities at accessible prices, which is why we provide a variety of options and special packages designed to appeal to different individuals and different requirements. We believe that everyone should be able to have a pleasant introduction to the world of art, which is why we offer a free introductory lesson, so our teachers can get a feel for your current skill level and advise you on the best path moving forward. From there on you have a wide variety of options at different price points depending on your possibilities and needs including:

  • Weekly 3 hours long drawing and painting class priced at $42.50/class
  • 3 days-long summer camps for kids starting at $135 including materials
  • Monthly 1.5 hour and a half long painting and drawing courses, meaning that you can take part in 4 classes for only $125
  • A private one hour long one-on-one class with Albert Martin for $100
  • A bundle of 12 lessons covering a wide variety of topics and techniques for $585
  • Our special offer of 4x 3 hours long classes with a bonus class and materials included for only $196.20
  • A free introductory lesson
  • Many more options which you can check on our website

In most cases, drawing and painting courses come with different costs, add materials on top of that and you can end up with a large bill, but as you can see we here at Martin Fine Art have a wide variety of packages at different price points, including both painting and drawing courses for a low price, as well as options with materials included, so you can focus on learning and not worry about the cost of it. With years of experience and many happy students, our teachers are dedicated to providing each student with the attention, care and guidance they need, but you don’t have to believe us, instead, you can listen to our many satisfied students in our video testimonials.