Beginning Oil Painting Classes & Supplies

At Martin Fine Art Classes we teach our students the fundamentals of oil painting. We teach them how to get started at any age from 5 to 95.

At our classes for beginners, we break down the entire process of oil painting, to make it easier to understand. Our students will learn about the concepts of gesture, shape, and composition in less than 6 weeks.

We assist our kids and teenage students in the completion of school assignments. We also assist our students in developing a portfolio for college submission. 

Our beginning oil painting classes include the following steps:

  • Students will learn, what materials they need, and how to handle brushes and oil paint.
  • They will become familiar with the materials.
  • They will work primarily with still life, animals, and landscape.
  • Next, they will learn how to apply the knowledge they achieved in line drawing and shading to oil painting.
  • We teach our students how to mix and add color while maintaining proportion and dimension.
  • Working primarily from still life our students will learn how to create three dimensions on a two-dimensional surface.

Reasons to start your oil painting class

Oil paints are versatile and are widely used, mostly because these paints allow artists to use a wide range of painting techniques. Attending an oil painting class is an enjoyable way to focus your creative energies on the act of creation. You will be helped to develop your drawing and painting skills and learn the oil painting techniques used by some of the greatest artists of the greatest artists of the world.

When you attend a beginning oil painting class, the first thing to do is to stock up on the basic art supplies. You can find all materials at our art store:

  • canvas
  • palette
  • brushes
  • oil paints
  • solvent
  • paper towels

As you gain experience, you’ll become comfortable with brushes and paints. You will learn how to apply paint to canvas, how to mix colors, what techniques to use. Once you’ve created your first painting we assist you review what went right, what went wrong and what you can improve. We help you find and develop your unique style. The focus will be on the basics - color, value, composition, edges, brushwork and technique. At Martin Fine Art Classes we believe that the secret to becoming an excellent painter is to learn, practice with presevearance, experiment, dare to be original, be creative, review and improve.