Art Program for Adults

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At Martin Fine Art Classes you will gain the ability to confidently create fine representational art with skills that will last a lifetime. You will be amazed at what you can learn in a short amount of time.

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Line Drawing

  • Using primarily still-life, you will learn to confidently sketch and refine line drawing for proportion and accuracy.
  • You learn the basic fundamentals of being able to confidently and quickly get a sketch of the subject matter on paper and then build the drawing from this sketch, using strategies and tools to ensure that proportions and relationships are correct.
  • Through line drawing, you will develop a new way to "see" the subject matter.
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Value Drawings in Charcoal

  • After completing the line drawing course, you will learn to create mass and dimension through the addition of shading and values.
  • Using charcoal on paper, you will learn the secret to creating a strong three-dimensional foundation that gives life and dimension to any work regardless of medium.
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Oil Painting

  • Next, you will learn how to handle oil paints and apply the knowledge you have gained in line drawing and shading to oil painting.
  • You will learn the purpose of oil painting materials and how to care for them. You will also learn how to mix and add color while still maintaining proportion and dimension.
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Technique and Style

  • Through duplicating paintings of the great masters of the past, you will learn the techniques and styles used in a variety of movements such as Renaissance, Classical, and Impressionism.
  • These techniques are key to developing your own individual style and expertise. You will also be able to apply your knowledge and skills to other mediums such as pastel and watercolor.
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