Lily C. - Assistant Instructor

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"I like working with the little kids. It's nice to try to pass on to other people what Mr. Martin taught me."

Lily C. - Assistant Instructor

Drawing and painting since she was a child, Lily is pursuing art at high school level at Martin Fine Art Classes. Also, she is acting as an assistant instructor for some of the classes, working especially with children.

Lily brings her incredible eye for detail and Imaginative Realism to teach drawing and painting at Martin Fine Art Classes to children of all levels of experience.

Whilst digital art is one of Lily's passions, she is proficient in working with oils and other mediums.

In her work, Lily focuses on students that are either drawing or just beginning painting, encouraging in everyone the skill of being able to depict something as it appears. Lily, also, encourages in students the creative expression, stimulating them to form their own vision.

Attending and teaching at Martin Fine Art Classes for the last four years, Lily has learned to draw and paint better, more detailed and in depth. By taking the fine art classes, she has become skilled in the essential elements of painting. She has learned to see the proportions, how things relate to each other, and she has improved with tones and light and dark. Lily passes these skills along to students with an inherent belief that anyone can learn to draw and paint.